I am a Teacher Trainer for both Suzuki method and Creative Ability Development.

Part of this work is helping teachers with studio set-up, setting fees, advertising, and other aspects of the business of music.

I was in the first cohort of the Music Performance and Communication program at the University of Toronto in 1987, when it was recognized that a conservatory education in classical music did not provide the business tools required fora musician to operate as a self employed business person.

Since then, I have worked with non-profit organizations, schools, universities, freelancers, and coaches, and taken many courses in business practices and human centred systems thinking.

I have helped people prepare auditions, set up their studios, create programs, and make time for creative work.

I am always revising my own studio practice to reflect the new things I have learned, and I am happy to share my experience and resources with other performers and teachers. Hopefully I can save you some time and effort!