Due to the recent social distancing recommendations to avoid illness, all lessons will be given via online video conferencing platforms until further notice. Lesson observations by prospective students are still required. In fact, doing this on line, by clicking a link in the comfort of your own home, is in some ways easier than visiting me in my studio!

I teach flute and recorder students starting as young as 3 years old*, and I can take them as far as university level study and training to become teachers themselves.

Three locations: Edmonton, Camrose, and on the internet, internationally.

Working with a young flute student in the ESFRS program

Working with a young flute student in the ESFRS program


Most of my students in Edmonton register for lessons with me through the Edmonton Suzuki Flute & Recorder Society. This is an excellent program which includes BOTH individual AND group lessons. I find that Suzuki method teaching:

  • provides an excellent combination of individualized instruction and ensemble work from the very beginning
  • incorporates a comprehensive ear training approach
  • creates an environment that promotes the development of independent learning
  • recognizes the role of the parent / caregiver in the success of the student, and offers resources to parents to help with home practice in a fun and effective way.

I will sometimes take a local student outside of the ESFRS program in exceptional circumstances, but I prefer it if they enter the ESFRS program so that they can benefit from the ensemble program and performance opportunities.

If you are interested in lessons, I invite you to come visit my studio and watch me, my students, and their parents in action. Observe both flute and recorder lessons, and then we will meet to discuss which instrument is the best choice for your child.

With recorder students at the International Suzuki Festival in Lima, Peru.


Students wanting to take lessons for University credit may do so through the Augustana campus of University of Alberta,  which is located in Camrose, Alberta.

When time and space permit, I may take a few school age private students through the Augustana Conservatory, a community music school affiliated with the University. I expect students who enrol through the Augustana Conservatory to follow the same Suzuki method approach as students enrolled through the Edmonton Suzuki Flute & Recorder program in Edmonton, with some modifications due to the difference in location. Parents should be prepared to attend lessons along with their child at the beginning.


I do teach students via video conferencing platforms on the internet. This is not as effective as in person lessons, but it can work if the student family approach the situation with a strong commitment. For a more detailed list of what you need to do for lessons on line, check out my Internet Lessons page.

How to get started:

Check my  teaching schedule  to see when and where  I am teaching flute or recorder, and  then contact me at flutesrus@gmail.com  to arrange to observe a lesson at a time that works for you. Observation appointments are required, as lessons are sometimes rescheduled on short notice. Address and directions to lesson locations will be provided when you inquire about observing.

*Families with students aged 0-3 can work with me through the Suzuki Early Childhood Education program before they chose to play an instrument.

Here is a sample of what a Suzuki Method lessons may look like with five and six year old students. Notice the attention to detail and the breakdown of tasks into small steps .

This kind of lesson experience can lead to the performance ability demonstrated here by teenage students who started lessons between 2 and 5 years old:

Click here to see more student performances at all levels.