Beginner Quodlibets:

Beginner students tend to think about melody more than harmony. Therefore I have been experimenting with a beginner ensemble approach that takes two melodies that a student already knows (or are simple enough to learn easily), and puts them together as a duet. In this way, students begin by already knowing both parts, and can focus their attention  on how the two parts fit together. They can do this without needing to follow a score, if both melodies have already been learned by ear.

A note to teachers: the following scores can be transposed into different keys depending on the instrument you are teaching.  If you discover any other tunes that fit together, please let me know and I will add them to the list and we can all share them together. Thanks!

One Bird + Now We Sing

Finch + Now We Sing

Lightly Row + Suo Gan

Fireflies +Suo Gan / Fireflies + Now We Sing

Fireflies + Hot Cross Buns

Clair de Lune + Mary’s Lamb

Cuckoo + Fais Dodo

Amaryllis + Daddy Long Legs

Go Tell Aunt Rhody + Suo Gan

Long Long Ago + Now We Sing

Moon Over Ruined Castle + Mary’s Lamb    with thanks to Noelle Perrin, who has many more arrangements combining known tunes on her website here.

Dream Children Dream + Frere Jacques fragments

Other arrangements:

Book 5: Canzona la Bernardinia by G. Frescobaldi